Why Use An Aquaponics System

In recent years, aquaponics systems have gained much popularity around the globe. People are installing it in their houses for the sustenance of their families or selling the lavish crops. I am not afraid to say that farmers might switch to aquaponics farming rather than complicated and ancient agriculture.

Why Aquaponics?

You must be wondering what makes people go freaking fascinated about the aquaponics system. Well, scroll down to the benefits and clear up all your confusions regarding the aquaponics system. 

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Top 9 Reasons For Using An Aquaponics System

  • You don’t need bundles of dollars 

The good part is that you can design the system on your own by recycling products from home. You don’t need to buy the hefty machinery and get into loans. The soil will not demand any need for pesticides or insecticides medications. Numerous tutorials are available on Youtube on DIY aquaponics. You will need regular stuff like tank, plant container, fishes and plants of your choice, aquarium setups, and pipes. With such a low investment, you will be able to receive bountiful benefits of harvesting crops of different types without conventional farming. Several rural people have reported switching to aquaponics farming for growing plants.

  •   Eco-friendly

It’s so green, clean, and natural that there’s no chaos of depleting the waste. The excreted waste of the fish is highly nutritious and organic for the plants to grow luxuriously. Growing plants and providing a hygienic environment to the fish is an innovative idea of ecological balance. You can also contribute to reducing the fast extinction of fish. The plants will provide you with fresh air, quality oxygen, and mesmerizing scenic visions.

  • The more organic, the healthier

Growing crops in your vicinity in hygienic irrigation and high-quality fertilizer make the crops more nutritious. The taste of aquaponics crop cannot be compared with the crops available in the market. According to Aquaponics and Earth, the waste of fish contains microbes which act as a natural fertilizer for the plants. It also protects the crop’s consumer from harmful diseases. The fish of aquaponics are free from mercury, oil, and antibiotics, so you may also include them in your healthy diet. Buying fresh and hygienic fish from the market is quite a challenging task because we never know to which water and feed it belongs to.

  • Less energy wastage

The earth would thank us for saving a substantial amount of heat and electrical energy by using aquaponics. It also less amount of water than traditional farming methods. The wastewater from the farms is fully accompanied by remains of pesticides which flow in the river and lake and causes water pollution. With aquaponics, there is no such harm to the environment and aquatic lives. It is an excellent water-saving approach because plants make use of water from transpiration.

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  • Your plants won’t take too long to grow 

Aquaponics plants grow in the twinkling of an eye when compared to the farm crops as they don’t need to compete with unnecessary weeds. Mentioning the studies of USC Project, the crops yield 20 times more than usual when growing in aquaponics plants. 

  • Less burden on your grocery budget

Growing clean and healthy food in your house is nothing more than a blessing. You won’t feel the need to shop for expensive organic vegetables and fruits from the mart. 

If your aquaponics plant is large enough, you can accommodate more crops to sell in the market. What an excellent entrepreneurial idea! This strategy can also bring you an adequate part-time income.

Amazingly, the government of Barbados is encouraging to onset the aquaponics plants in their houses and sell the crops to regular tourists. 

  • Minimal manual work required

The consumer doesn’t need to dig the ground or break his back to set up aquaponics as it 99p automatic. You need to feed the fish on time. Take care of the proper supply of water to the plants by the pipes. Refresh the fish tank once a month with fresh water. Importantly, keep a good health check on the fish by maintaining a neutral pH. That’s all! 

An aquaponics user, Carmen Brunette of Everton, quoted “It’s the least labor-intensive way to grow vegetables.” 

  • No allocation of space required

It is a small-scale project which does not require ample space to operate. You can set it up in your backyard, garage, or lawn. You can adjust the fish tank on the plant’s container so that drainage and shifting becomes easy. 

  • A learning activity

It is adventurous and exciting for all family members. Your children can learn a lot about plants, fish, ecosystem, and energy-saving, to name a few. Such activities are essential to maintain a happy family bond. In the future, your offspring can also adopt this eco-friendly project in their daily lives. 

  • Healthy lifestyle

Ingesting organic food grown by yourself plays a vital role in maintaining your good health. It has a commendable effect on your mental and physical health. It lowers down anxiety levels and adrenaline hormones. No chemical consumption protects you from lethal diseases provoked by injecting artificial food. Growing crops in your house will provide you high levels of oxygen that will ignite freshness in your body. Furthermore, healthy food will always instill good vibes and happiness in your nature. So, happy and healthy life is waiting for you. 

In a nutshell, aquaponics is a reasonable and low energy farming method which has uncountable benefits. The organic food harvested makes your health considerably suitable and keeps you stress-free. The common cons faced by people while using aquaponics are maintenance efforts and costs of wiring, tubing, and tanks. As it a human-made technology, errors and technical issues are inevitable. Inadequate supply of water and oxygen to the fish by a blockage in the pump can cause the loss of fish. 

Even if you face such obstacles while installing the system, you will gradually notice that the rewards outweigh these problems. I recommend this environmentally-friendly initiative to everyone reading this — best of luck for a good cause.

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