Indoor Aquaponics Systems

Indoor aquaponics is actually a product of aquaculture and hydroponics. It is a way which is sustainable in nature and produces a system of food production in an environment which is symbiotic in nature.

In this system, all the toxic wastes are which are accumulated in the aquaculture are filtered by the system of hydroponic. After the filtration process, the filtrated fresh water is re circulated in a system.

Well this system of indoor aquaponics is such a system by which anyone can grow their own food and can raise many kinds of fish according to the space available in the apartment.

As the name suggests it is a type of aquaculture done in some place on a yearlong basis which means it does not have any particular season.


Who Is Facilitating And Recommend This System Of Indoor Aquaponics?

Well there is a group called renewable DIY which is a group of some guys who want to see the green earth and wants to aware all the human beings with different types of alternative renewable sources of energy.

They develop an idea of creating a small economic kit for the normal, average class people which can make their house look pretty and also help them to produce some food for them.

So they create a project of an indoor aquaponics for helping those who want to generate a system which is purely renewable and non-polluting in nature of their own.

When this system is firstly introduced then it was meant for big houses only, but then it was modified and now you can create any size according to the free space present in the house.

It has a very simple and easy guideline for setup and gets fitted in any kind of free space.


Concept And Setup Of This System:

The concept behind this project was to create a group of renewable process which can be used by normal human beings in which they can customize every system and can do the project according to their budget.

But due to many types of renewal processes the project was huge in size and needed loads of free space in a house, so they created another small setup for this.

The setup is present in a small box which is easy to assemble. The set up of indoor aquaponics just need few steps of assembly which include unpacking the setup, put up a frame by the help of the pieces in the setup box and placing the respective bins according to their size.

After all these steps, filling of medium for growth is done according to the choice of the user and the setup is ready to put all other kinds of fish and other vegetation.


Specifications Of The Reward System Of Indoor Aquaponics:

The basic requirements indoor aquaponics are:

Grow beds: grow medium which has measurements of 16.75” x 12” x 7”

Fish tanks: a tank which has measurements of 24.5” x 16.3” x 13.25”, which can be capable of holding 16.5 gallons of water and 6 pounds of fish.

Aerator: it is a pump for air or aeration stone which includes devices like backflow valve and tubing system.

Grow light fixture bar: this allow a timer light service, which a can help the growth of the plants even in low sunlight condition.

Water pump: this system is specially used for moving the flow of water in a rate of 70 GPH and adjusting the rate of flow.

Nutrient distributor: this is a plumbing service which allows the system to spread all the vital nutrient uniformly over the bed of grow medium, control the flooding situations and the j siphons and the drain cycle in the balanced tubes.

Heater: this device controls the temperature of the tank to provide the fish an environmental situation to grow.

Fish feeder: this is a timer which can help the user with a process of automatic fish feeding and telling the user about how much the food is taken by the fish.


Working Of Aquaponics:

As we know about indoor aquaponics, it includes a tank of fish and a grow bed which is capable to produce an easy way to maintain a type of constant food source. This system of indoor occupancy is based on some simple logics:

There is a fish tank which has fish living in it. The food products given to the fish increase the amount of ammonia in water. This increased amount is because of the waste produced by the fish.

Then beneficial bacteria present in the system converts the ammonia in some other type of nutrients like in the form nitrates.

Then in the indoor aquaponics, water is pumped to the bed filled with medium, where there are plantations which absorb this essential nutrient and use it for their own growth and also filter the water for the fish.

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