Why Use An Aquaponics System

In recent years, aquaponics systems have gained much popularity around the globe. People are installing it in their houses for the sustenance of their families or selling the lavish crops. I am not afraid to say that farmers might switch to aquaponics farming rather than complicated and ancient agriculture. Why […] Read more »

How To Start An Indoor Aquaponics System

A Rudimentary Guide to the Aquaponics System Explained simply, indoor aquaponics is the integrated system produced from combining hydroponics and aquaculture. Aquaculture is the science of raising fish for food and hydroponics, the science of growing plants and food produce without soil. The system works in a simple cycle. The […] Read more »

2 Days at a commercial aquaponics farm

Course in aquaponics on Bioaqua farm I wanted to learn more about aquaponics on a commercial scale, so I went to the beautiful Summerset just outside Wales, a rolling landscape with hedgerows and meadows. Along a small road has Bioaqua Farm with Antonio spearheaded set up their business with the […] Read more »