How To Build Your Own DIY Aquaponics System For Under 150

Building an outdoor aquaponics system for under $150.00

Hey guys in the week I promise you as gonna give you aquaponics up running and here I am with a proof-of-concept. So just want to give you guys a quick walk around, literally this can be built for about $150 and it gives you 100 gallon stock tank for fish which is plenty and to approximately 20 gallon grow bags. So, I plan on doing that is and a whole bunch of other things in these. Now I’m going to get some pallets and I’m going to build a frame out of pallets for it and see I’m going to have to raise these beds up a little bit get some pallets then spread them out a little bit just because I’ll be I’ll have to get to the fish side of things but you know real simple all I really have is a four hundred gallon private pump real simple coming around on this platform tune into it a fitting that around it transfer to three quarter inch PVC.

Aquaponics PVC Piping

I got eight here running to two adjust to valves where can I get my info everything going in everything going out three quarter inch. So, then I’ve got myself a fence real simple just to 2inch pipe with the cab Christmas sets on the bottom just like everybody else it take me 2 days to figure out and I’m still have questions but I’ll get to that in a minute anyway this kind of raked up sandpiper Court downtown electrical fittings which basically if I can get down in here which basically goes into a rubber O-ring and then convert back into three quarter inch. and then I’ve got this little swig here and now as you’ll see in a minute it fills out I really helps that out over here same thing two inch pipe three quarter of a little bit of with a little bit of lips that you want to have a little bit of a bigger topper so I can help out with section as you can see this one about to start.

Fast Aquaponics Setup

So I’ll show you just how rapidly this thing gets going ready now I’m draining in about four minutes and I’m feeling in anywhere from 4 to 8 I can and rest up to ten. I can’t really just sit all the way down I finally got safe in to a where you can have a drink and it all still safe and that’s what took a lot of the time was actually getting it to start with such a low water pressure coming in unless I crank it up but I don’t want to do that because it fills too much I got adjusted to where it stops about that about an inch and half inches below in my media fill up to the top where you can see its its just getting started here so just water keeps filling up. Its hits back to stand pipes similar on this side.

So, basically just starts flowing and start fill in a minute my side safe in net fat so it takes about 3 minutes to drain which is really good. So, basically my questions are as well i m looking forward for a good amount of drain time and a good amount of fill time meaning how long should it take for the cycles that I’m still kind of learning about but so as you can see safe in works perfectly same set of mess up and that turns to tank then the process keeps repeating itself basically the same thing over here once the water gets up that stand by. I have any kind of wet strip you know extra holes in it on the top so that’s okay I don’t have any kind of extra I’m I have the same pipe going in and out some people said yeah they’re bigger going out but that’s not true I can get on the water come up and certainly full that is basically four contact all the time with your roots with the water so you know just a design came up with even if you were to go out and buy this exact same setup you probably have to tweak it a little bit so basically everything left I have to tweak is my flow rates and you know basically everything else is pretty self-explanatory you just want to just add water to fill underneath your medium should I top every medium get wet they basically just want to fill it to the top I left about 2 inches that you want to fill it that you meet get on the top for me wanted to just be about an inch below the surface eliminates bacteria build-up stuff like that also with the way that these aquaponic Bell siphons work I’m pretty sure that’s creating oxygen it’s definitely oxygenating it as it puts it back down in the tank so that’s good that you can see oh I missed it.


It’s off right away as well but still quite natural not shut off yet as you see just substance that a main water and then it just goes ahead and shut up so I mean I’m super happy with that it starts right up within about 30 seconds and it stops within about 30 seconds I think I have got my side my water level set right now just my question is what should I know what should the flow rate be on how long should it take to fill how long should it be in contact with the water but other than that basically just got to go get some claverack and then I’ll put them you know I’ll put another piece of PVC over these two to base their work as a filter for rocks and stuff so that it doesn’t get in there its basically it’s the setup so stay tuned for more to come get any questions please leave it in the comments I’ll be happy to give you guys dimensions on everything I’m going to take this apart because I’m going to be making a pallet stand for it, no closet at all and you look really really nice but basically this is just proof of concept working really really well so far he hasn’t missed a cycle it never not break the safe and it never not start right away so please leave me some comments like And subscribe and I will answer your questions as soon as possible and stay tuned for more talk to you soon.

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